another day ! another chance !

Hi you.


i hope your day was good! and if not there`s  always tomorrow ( not if u die today).  hope you are not always stressed out about the fact that today might be your last day. 😛 I will leave you at that. Let’s hope there`s another day yet to come in our lives. Happy tomorrow!!

Here are some books that I read which is worth mentioning..

I loved the girl on the train so much that I read it twice which is so unlikely of me. (except HP series. I ❤ it so much. I want to read it every day :P) the book is so thrilling that it`s so hard to set it done.

Fan girl is worth reading kind of book. Which isn`t so cheesy. Which is good? And it has a real life story line. But though I didn`t quite like the carry on story in between the chapters. But I enjoyed the book. And I tell you it`s a really good young  adult book. I give it a big thumbs up for that.

Killing floor is another one I have read in last couple of weeks. Which is a thriller investigation type of book? Which has lot of killing in it? well it`s so obvious, because of the name of the book. But I didn`t quite catch it before reading it. It`s a good book. And knowledgeable as well. It’s all about counterfeit money… and it definitely has a great suspense in it. I loved the book despite its stunts and fights.